Fire Pots and Napa Firelites Add Accents to Your Outdoors and Bring Warmth!

Celebrations Home & Garden Napa Firelite

Each firepot comes wth a stainless steel reservoir for the fuel gel and when removed you can use the beautiful ceramic bowl as a vase.  These ceramic firepots are environmentally friendly for indoor and outdoor use. 

Napa Firelites

Each fire pot and Napa firelite design is a unique work of art.  The craftsmanship, color and materials is stunning and their beauty will amaze and turn heads.  Place your fire pots indoors or out and be amazed at how they light up a space.  Enjoy a firepot, personal fireplace or small firelite on your deck, patio or indoors with the gel fuel that does not smoke or leave messy ashes.  The fuel gel for these fire pots and fireplaces burns very clean so it is completely safe for indoors.  You will also find the Citronella Fuel Gel that works great outdoors for keeping the bugs away all summer! 

Celebrations Home & Garden Firelites fantasy
Celebrations Home & Garden Firelite hexagon
Celebrations Home & Garden Napa Honey

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